Career Test for the Soul, Step 3.

Longer Term Values Assessment

Where Are You Now? We do not, of course, move in simple linear fashion from one stage to another with no going back. It isn't that simple. Instead we move through the stages in cyclical fashion, hopefully with a longer term forward momentum, but inevitably cycling back and re-working concerns of earlier stages as we face unpredicted events, traumas, and fluctuating career, family, or interpersonal situations.

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What stages have you passed through and which do you face next? What might that mean in terms of what you're thinking and feeling about your work and life today - and about your choice of life values to focus on at this point in time?

It's important that we continually revisit, re-evaluate, and link our life values to our deeper, more spiritual aspirations and growth as we pass through each life stage. It's important that we recognize and accept the fact that the values we are spending our time pursuing might have to change, sometimes dramatically, as we grow and mature. This doesn't necessarily mean we've taken a wrong turn. We're still moving ahead and improving the final product of what we want to become.

Looking Ahead

You recorded your current life value priorities in the first exercise. Now having thought about your life stage progression, take a look at these same values from the perspective of a different point in time.

Think ahead to your retirement. From that vantage point, what top 5 values do you think you will want to look back on and feel you have most actively pursued in your life? Record these in the space below.



Capture this moment in time and print this page for your records.

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